2017 Hunting Season in Rincon de Luna

27 de December 2017


Parque Rincon de Luna - Media Department

2017 started, as usual, in the middle of our Southern Hemisphere summer, clients from Norway (a group of five hunters) following three days of dove shooting in the northern part of the region joined us for some big game horseback (Cordoba Amazing Combo Doves Shooting and Big Game combined) hunting in January,  month in which the hunting field was already covered with green grass and clear water streams descending from the mountains. They harvested several trophies amongst buffalos, pampa mouflons, antelopes and multi-horn rams.

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Big game

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Hunting surrounded with huge mountains, deep ravines and hidden valleys makes for a fair chase hunt.

Fly fishing

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Countless jumps, pools and cold water of our rivers create a perfect environment for the rainbow and brook trout.

Our adventures

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For a greater experience of Argentina, Rincon de Luna suggests and offers upgrades for your hunting experience.