Rainbow Trout Fishing

Fishing in Rincón de Luna

Fishing in Rincon de Luna is an adventure you should not miss. The cold water of our rivers create the perfect environment for RAINBOW AND BROOK TROUT. We fish the LOS MACHOS AND LAS CAÑAS RIVERS which run through the ranch property. The Lodge is located in front of the fishing area and has one of the most scenic panoramic views ever.

Each day our anglers will experience a new adventure. Your hiking skills will be put to use reaching the rivers and the trout are eager to sip your dry fly or take your streamer. The acrobatic jumps are a joy to witness and you’ll walk with anticipation to the next pool. The fishing and our warm hospitality will be hard to forget. THE FISHING ACCESS IS QUICK and easy. Guests can also enjoy the wide variety of habitat that they will only find in this area.

Rincon de Luna´s Fishing season starts on late October, the beginning of spring and ends in late February which ushers in the end of the summer. We love to fly fish and adhere to a strict catch and release policy. Our guides gently handle and return the fish unharmed


  • Rods: #4 or #5
  • Lines: Sinking and Floating
  • Hooks for dry flies: #16 or #18.
  • Hooks for wet flies: #14 or #10.
  • Prince: #14,
  • Dragon Fly: #10,
  • Harders car: #10.
  • Leaders: 4x, 5x.
  • Tippets: 4x, 5x.
  • Dry Flies: Royal Wolf, Addams, Irresistible Addams, Caddis, YelowHumpi, March Brown, Tarantula, Mosquito, Dragon Fly, Grass Hopper, Light Cahill.
  • Nymphs: Prince, Carrot Bitch Creek, Montana, Black Leech, Higenaga, Green Nymph, Zug Bug.
  • Streamers: Wolly Burger.

A Tipical Fishing Day

Starting the day

You will start your day with a friendly wake up around 6:00 a.m. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and the aroma of breakfast will await you in the dining room. Your guide will meet you to formulate your plan for the day. After breakfast, you will head out to the river for a great day of fishing.

Enjoy a day out on the field

Fish are plentiful and your guide will expertly assist you with the proper technique and location. Lunch is served river side so you can enjoy a day out on the field.

Cocktails & Dinner

You’ll continue fish well into the afternoon. Generally around 8:00 p.m., you’ll be back at the lodge for cocktails and a well prepared dinner.



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Countless jumps, pools and cold water of our rivers create a perfect environment for the rainbow and brook trout.

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