Hunting checklist

  • BOOTS – Waterproof leather type with good ankle support and deep cleated soles (vibram type) suitable for Alpine hunting.

  • SOCKS – Warm socks for hiking in cool conditions – minimum of 4 pairs, preferably woolen type. Cotton socks for casual wear.

  • TROUSERS – 1 pair of warm hunting pants (camo fleece type), 1 Pair of light hunting pants for our warmer months (February, March & April). 1 pair of thermal underwear for our colder months (May, June, July & August). 2 pair of casual trousers to wear in town or in the lodge.

  • SHOES – 1 pair of casual shoes for town and lodge wear.

  • SHIRTS – 2 warm medium to heavyweight (wool or fleece). 1 lightweight shirt for warm weather. 2 casual shirts to wear in town or the lodge. 1 thermal undershirt.

  • JACKETS – 1 Lightweight windproof/waterproof pack able jacket in case of wet weather. 1 warm fleece or wool type jacket for cool/cold weather.

  • HAT – Sun hat or cap for warm weather and a woolen type beanie for cold weather.

  • GLOVES – Lightweight gloves for our warm months and heavyweight gloves for our colder months.

  • GAITERS – Optional.

  • BACKPACK – A small daypack suitable for carrying daytime gear (camera, sunglasses etc).

  • SUNGLASSES – 1 pair of sunglasses is recommended for all times of the year.

  • SUN BLOCK – Recommended for our warmer months.

  • UNDERWEAR – 2 thermal t shirts for cold conditions. 4 pair of underpants.

  • HEARING PROTECTION – 1 pair of ear plugs.

  • BINOCULARS – 1 pair of high quality binoculars in 10 x 40 class are essential.

  • CAMERA – 1 digital type for photos - scenic and trophies.



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